From weight loss journey to sustainable lifestyle story

By: Amulya Shrestha

I was overweight since childhood due to a health condition and while I was doing my Bachelor’s Degree, I reached my maximum weight of 220 pounds which was about 100 kilograms. During that point of time because of my weight I was diagnosed with 3 diseases. It was my wake up call. I was determined to lose weight because I had no other option. If I had to live longer then I had to lose weight. It was very difficult for me at first as I didn’t have any idea what to do. But still I tried, in a very slow process at first.

I had a motorbike before and I would use the bike to travel wherever I go. I realized that using motorbike was making me lazy and immobile. I was living a sedentary life, I wanted comfort and that was the major factor that was keeping me away from losing weight. I would use my bike to travel everywhere even if it’s only a walking distance. I not only was being lazy I also contributed to pollution. So that’s my first move, getting rid of the motorbike and start walking.

In terms of food, I observed that I was always eating a lot of junk food. That contributed a lot with my problem. Second move, healthy food options.

I have the fundamentals already and I just need to execute it. I wanted to change so badly but to tell you the truth, it was just too hard.

Eventually, I realized that losing weight was a mind game. If I could control what I think then it would guide me in making choices for living a healthy lifestyle. I tried numerous times and failed, I used to give up so easily. But during the times I failed I realized that perseverance was the key to complete any kind of journey. So, I started questioning myself why I wanted to lose weight so badly. I had to make sure I had the right intentions if I wanted to achieve my target which is to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Eventually, I still make the small habits to achieve my goal. I started walking instead of riding motorbikes. I always bring my water bottle everywhere I go. I started to be conscious about what I ate too. I avoided junk food and every packaged food. I would only eat home cooked food and fruits. After having three diseases at once, I realized how I had taken my health for granted. Not only that, I was also affecting the environment I was living in.

In 2 years I lost around 25 kilograms. The journey was a roller coaster ride but it taught me many valuable life lessons and I’m still on that journey. I eventually bought a bicycle now and very much loved the lifestyle.

During my weight loss journey, it made me became more conscious about the environment. It helped me realize that I was being a burden to this earth. At the same time, embarking the journey also convinced me that my small effort somehow made a difference.

Sometimes a single incident can teach all the valuable lessons in life. For me my weight loss journey gave me that experience.

The journey will still continue and this is will not be a weight loss journey anymore but a sustainable lifestyle story.

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